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Sense of history at Old Liminka

Old Liminka is an area with culture historically valuable landscapes. Rantatie, a road running along the Liminganjoki River, used to be the centre and main road of all Liminka services. These services were offered at the different farmhouses along the river, and there were no separate office or commercial buildings as there are today, which gave the area a very natural and cohesive appearance. In past centuries the Liminka vicarage was the centre of all spiritual and public life in the large municipality.

The museum area is a key part of the Old Liminka. It offers visitors the chance to visit three interesting museums: a Vilho Lampi Museum showcasing the works and items of painter Vilho Lampi, the Aappola Home Museum paying homage to the opera singer Abraham Ojanperä and the Liminka Local History Museum. These unique museum attractions of Old Liminka invite you to learn more about local notable figures and the region’s history.

The history of Old Liminka reaches back more than 500 years: Liminka is first mentioned in written records in 1477. The municipality was at its largest in early 17th century, when the region reached from the Gulf of Bothnia far into Kainuu, even Oulu and Kajaani were part of Liminka at the time! According to the folklore, Liminka was named after a giant called Limmi, who lived in the area in ancient times.

Today, you can admire the old buildings by walking or cycling along the river. When visiting Old Liminka, you should also pay a visit to the yard areas of Liminka Art School.

Abraham's Culture Park is in the immediate vicinity of the museum area. It is gradually becoming the municipal centre of recreation, culture and events. The event area of Abraham's Culture Park features a decked stand for an audience of 500 people as well as a performance stage.

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Paavolantie 83 C, 91900 Liminka
08 384 903
Kesäkaudella, 1.5. - 31.8., joka päivä klo 10.00.-20.00.

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Jukurintie 15, 91910 Tupos
045 118 2340
Ravintola-, kokous- ja ohjelmapalveluvaraukset:
Hotel-Restaurant Liminka Bay
Rantakurvi 6
 08 415 277 70
Liminganlahden luontokeskus:
Rantakurvi 6
0206 39 6059
Lakeus Outdoors:
050 910 3630
Lännentie 84 A, 91930 Ala-Temmes
040 185 1511
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